Thursday, March 20, 2008

RSVP's are coming!

My favorite thing right now is getting the mail because all the RSVP's are coming in. I asked Jason (because he gets the mail first) if he wouldn't mind waiting for me to open them up and he said of course not. I know it's a little silly but I love opening them and most of them have cute comments so it just gets me all excited.

The feedback on the invitations has been so overwhelmingly great and I'm so glad that I did it, it was totally worth it.

Last night when Jason got home he called up to me saying that we had brought home a wedding present for us. Wow! Already? It was from two couples who live back in New York and when they were out here on vacation about 6 months ago they had met Jason at the Bottle Barn and he set up a private tasting with me at my winery for them. Anyway they loved how we took care of them, etc and so because they knew we were getting married this year they brought us back a present. They told Jason that they had to fight it through security because it was wrapped but they got it here. We opened it up and it's a beautiful crystal frame, we are going to wait and put a wedding photo in it. It was so sweet of them to do that.

I'm going in for my first dress fitting on Monday!

My mom and Heidi got together yesterday to work on my secret bridal shower... I'm not sure what's so secret about it though... I did hear rumors of a clown covered in balloons, riding a pony and eating BBQ chicken wings with his bare hands! No... I'm sure it'll all be so lovely! :) They are the best for doing it all. It's so nice to have something being planned for you and you don't have to do any of the work.

There's not much else going on... 72 days till the wedding!

Oh, and I get a three day weekend, we are closed on Easter so that means mimosa's at the parents on Sunday!

I'll leave you with a picture of Captin who has found a new place to hang out in when he's out in the back yard. He's not going to be happy when we plant our tomatoes in a couple of weeks. :)


Annie said...

Love the frame, how sweet of them; can't wait to see it!

And don't fret; we're getting the very best quality chicken wings we can for your shower.

We couldn't get a clown, though, so we're getting a stripper instead. Hope you don't mind!

And Cappy is the Cutest! :) Can't you just leave that as his permanent bed? You don't really need tomatoes anyway, right?

Kela said...

So exciting!!!

It was great to get to visit yesterday! Sorry I was such a zombie Kela! :P

Love the invites - will be sending my slightly crumpled RSVP shortly. :D

As for Cappy - he is indeed - VERY CUTE!

Much Love,