Thursday, March 20, 2008

RSVP's are coming!

My favorite thing right now is getting the mail because all the RSVP's are coming in. I asked Jason (because he gets the mail first) if he wouldn't mind waiting for me to open them up and he said of course not. I know it's a little silly but I love opening them and most of them have cute comments so it just gets me all excited.

The feedback on the invitations has been so overwhelmingly great and I'm so glad that I did it, it was totally worth it.

Last night when Jason got home he called up to me saying that we had brought home a wedding present for us. Wow! Already? It was from two couples who live back in New York and when they were out here on vacation about 6 months ago they had met Jason at the Bottle Barn and he set up a private tasting with me at my winery for them. Anyway they loved how we took care of them, etc and so because they knew we were getting married this year they brought us back a present. They told Jason that they had to fight it through security because it was wrapped but they got it here. We opened it up and it's a beautiful crystal frame, we are going to wait and put a wedding photo in it. It was so sweet of them to do that.

I'm going in for my first dress fitting on Monday!

My mom and Heidi got together yesterday to work on my secret bridal shower... I'm not sure what's so secret about it though... I did hear rumors of a clown covered in balloons, riding a pony and eating BBQ chicken wings with his bare hands! No... I'm sure it'll all be so lovely! :) They are the best for doing it all. It's so nice to have something being planned for you and you don't have to do any of the work.

There's not much else going on... 72 days till the wedding!

Oh, and I get a three day weekend, we are closed on Easter so that means mimosa's at the parents on Sunday!

I'll leave you with a picture of Captin who has found a new place to hang out in when he's out in the back yard. He's not going to be happy when we plant our tomatoes in a couple of weeks. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guess what's in the mail?

That's a (small) sneak preview... anyway they are done!! I have to say that the post office loves me. I first went to the post office here in Healdsburg to get an invitation weighed so see what stamp I needed to use and the postman praised me for coming in first before just buying stamps and sending them off. Most of the time the invitations are heavier or a different size then regular envelopes. It weighed out at 58 cents. But they didn't have any "pretty" 58 cent stamps there so I had to go down to Windsor's post office, which I did first thing this morning. So again I first took an invitation in with me to make sure that they agreed that it was 58 cents, which it was, and that postman went on and on about how he loved the fact that I knew what I was doing. I probably stopped one of them from going postal!! Okay I know bad joke, I'm just giddy.

It was a great praise to hear after all the hard work (and money) I put into these invitations. Now it's done!! Except I did count the number of RSVP envelopes and stamps and I'm one short... so I think someone might get a RSVP envelope with no stamp. :( Sorry!! Oh and Yvette... if you are reading this, I didn't realize that you have to use your own Australia stamps for return postage so I had to tear off your stamps I had put down on the RSVP envelope so it looks a little messy. Just don't look at it!! ;)

I've made an appointment to get my dress altered later this month and last night I bought a bag to hang my dress in. I hated seeing it in the box it came in. Now it's all wrapped up and waiting.

So my next on going problem are the flower girl dresses. Who knew it would be so difficult? I have never seen more ugly horrible dresses for little girls in my life! And of course the ones I like the best are the most expensive. Last night I went into a bridal store to look at some because so far all I have only been looking online, and my God! they are heavy, thick, scratchy... way worse than bridesmaids dresses. So between Jackie, Marsha and I all emailling and phoning I hope to get this resolved sooner than later. It's hard too because Jackie and the twins live all the way over on the east coast. But I'm sure we'll find them something perfect!

It's supposed to rain the next couple of days... but then get nice and warm by next week. I'm going to start going to the gym up here in Healdsburg so I can layout by the pool and tan... with sunscreen... I do need a little bit of color, especially before going to Hawaii.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I got my dress!

Well... about a week ago but I've been too too busy to post! I'm actually sneaking this one in right now. It came last Saturday and right after work I rushed over to my mom's to see it and try it on again. It was perfect! Well... a little to big so I have to get it altered but perfect for what I wanted as a dress. It had been too long since I had last tried it on so I wasn't sure how it was going to fit and look. I actually didn't want to take it off! My mom made me though. :)

I scheduled an appointment to go get it altered at the end of the month.

So that "thing" I wasn't going to mention until after it was finished is ALMOST finished at the printers... maybe tonight! They'll definitely be out in the mail next week if I don't die from working too hard this weekend. ;)

3 more days of Barrel Tasting Hell!!
Wish me luck!