Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2 months to go!

So we had a great weekend of fun, plus we accomplished lots of key things for the wedding. First off I finally found flower girl dresses that would work, Jackie ordered them and they arrived at her house last week. I talked to her last night and she said that they looked great but she hasn't had the girls try them on yet... but I have a feeling they will be perfect! :)

This last weekend was Jason's "Birthday weekend", his actual birthday was yesterday the 1st but we pretty much celebrated throughout the last 4 days. On Saturday night I cooked him a delicious meal of fresh halibut and salad. Then on Sunday he called me here at work and wanted to see if I wanted to go out to dinner, and of course I did, so he suggested Sushi! I'm a huge sushi fan, but he's wary of raw fish so I'm slowly getting him to try different things. I was so excited that he wanted to have sushi... I normally have to drag him there every once in a while. We went to Ume in Windsor, my second favorite sushi restaurant, but now its my first favorite. We had a roll that they used soy bean paper instead of seaweed and it's the best thing I've ever eaten. We loved everything we had! Jason even had sake and ate everything I ordered. Still no sashimi but I'll get him there one day. :)

We then stopped at John Ash on the way home for a drink. I know the bartender there and the bar is really cool so it's one of our favorite places to grab a drink on the way home. We then rented No Country for Old Men and when we got home I made home made chocolate chip cookies for Jason and we watched the film. It was very good and interesting.

Monday we had planned a very busy day. First I got up early and went to the gym, I then stopped at the store to get cleaning supplies. I was going to scrub down the whole house while Jason watched the first Yankee's game of the year. But Jason called while I was at the store and told me that the game had been rained out so he wanted us to run our "wedding" errands first and then come back and clean the house. So I came home, showered and we were off to Earthworks to pick up my wedding ring and look for one for him.

My wedding ring turned out so beautiful, the jeweler did such and amazing job!!! I didn't want to take it off... but I had to. We looked at rings there for Jas and there was one there that he did like... but for the price I thought it was a little to boring and dull. We both knew that he didn't want anything flashy or fancy but this to me wasn't good enough. So I talked him into looking at other places when we went to the other mall to shop for his suit.

We went to Macy's and he tried on a bunch of different suits... it took FOREVER... he is very particular to how the suits were looking and how they were fitting and wanted the sales man's opinion, etc. So it was exhausting for me because I knew what I thought looked great but it was getting him to the point where he agreed with me. It was the last suit he tried on that we were both "wow" it was perfect. Plus the size was perfect too... all he has to have done is the hemming on the pants. We then picked out the shirt, belt, socks, shoes and we were ready to go! Because he has a Macy's account and it was his birthday month, we saved over 50% on the whole outfit, putting us under budget by about $400.00, which made him very happy!

We were both starving at this point and wanted to get going, we were going to be going to Freedman's to get planting supplies, but we stopped at the jewelry counter at Macy's for a quick to look at rings and we found the perfect ring! It was great because of the savings there too it was also under budget. He was so happy and excited that everything worked out and he can't wait to be wearing everything on the big day!

He said to me that he's starting to feel like it's really happening. I have been doing so much in the last 8 months that I already felt that but for him this was the first time that he was seeing the whole picture of the wedding and that made him so excited.

We decided to blow off going to Freedman's because it was getting late in the afternoon and so we went home. I still had to go out and get him a birthday present! I quickly ate lunch and went out... I knew what I had in mind so it was just a matter of finding it. The first place I went to had it... I was getting him a piano bench. He's been sitting on a chair with books, which I know is not good for his back so I wanted to get him something much more comfortable since he's sits there and plays for hours every night.

When I got home he had already started on the windows and blinds. So sweet, I told him he didn't have to help me. This is the biggest job in our house since we have windows so high up, you have to get the ladder out and it's so time consuming. While he worked on that I started with the upstairs. We worked and worked and hours later we were done and exhausted. I just wanted the house so clean for his birthday and since we both had the day off I wanted all the chores to be done so we could both relax.

So since the house was so clean we decided to go out to dinner. We went to Rosso's and it was perfect. We got a booth right away and had wine, pizza and salad. It was nice to know that we would be coming home to a clean house and had no plans for the next day, well except celebrating his birthday of course.

We stayed up till midnight to cheers to a happy birthday and quickly went to bed because we were so tired.

The next morning I woke up early, such a habit of me lately especially on my days off, the days I work I want to sleep in until 9, but my days off I wake up around 7:30 wanted to do stuff. So I layed there waiting for him to wake up because I was so excited to celebrate his 37th! Once he woke up I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and then went to the store.
When I came back I made us coffee and he opened his card and present from me. He had no clue of what I was getting him since it was something that he has never asked for. He loved it and was so surprised!

We had french toast, bacon and yogurt. Our plans for the day was that I was taking him out for lunch so I told him that we could do whatever he wanted that morning. He decided that he wanted to go to Freedman Brother's and get all the planting stuff done. I picked out all the flowers for one of the barrels in the backyard (yellow and orange!) and the flowers for the front yard barrel, we picked out 3 different tomato plants, and the rest of the herbs we need for the summer. We came back and did some planting, showered up and went to lunch.

He wanted to go to Sea Thai Bistro, which is one of our new favorite restaurants. They have the best Thai food I've ever had! So fresh and clean! We loved every single thing we ordered. Then we went over to mom and Daws' house for some cake and wine! We had a lot of fun and got home around 5:00. I played on the piano for a bit while he was on the phone with his cousin. It's so much more fun now to play with the new bench.

So our weekend of fun is over :( and we are tired today and back at work, but it was so worth it! We have so many events coming up in the next two months that it'll be nice to have a little relaxation this week. :)

Next Monday I'm going in for my second to last dress fitting... and I'm bringing my Mom and Heidi. Heidi needs to be there to learn how to bustle my dress, I'll have 8 bustles!! She's going to color coordinate the ribbons so Heidi will know which way it goes. I'm so excited to have them see me in the dress that fits correctly. It was so wonderful when she pinned me all up the last time and I was able to walk in it without holding it up! We are then going to go to Corte Madera to (hopefully) find a dress for both Heidi and my mom.

Time is flying by but we are pretty much finished except for a few minor details.


Annie said...

8 bustles?


I'm trying to wrap my brain around that, lol! I guess I'll figure it out when I see it. :)

We had fun yesterday! Glad your weekend was so great.

Kela said...

OMG - what a totally awesome sounding few days! I'm a little jealous infact. ;)

I totally forgot about Jason's b-day. You'll have to send me his e-mail address so I can send him a belated card! I feel like such a slacker!!!

I've gotten takeout from Ume a few times and thought it was terrible... I guess I gotta make the effort to just go up there and eat in the resturant... because I keep hearing good things, but I am not having the experience to back them up!

As for your 8 bustles - GOOD LUCK HEIDI! Bustles are tricky - and they ever seem to stay correctly! When I did Melissa's - she only had like 2-3 and it was a TOTAL pain... but then again - she had a lot of fluff under there that made it close to impossible! LOL.

I had like 3-4 I think, and since my dress was lighter with less fluff - it wasn't too bad... but it still takes longer then you think to do them!



Much Love,

P.s - I know I keep saying this - but just holler if I can help in anyway!

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