Saturday, October 20, 2007

Date night

Last night Jason and I went out to celebrate our 2 year 1st date anniversary... (I told him last year of these silly dates until we get married) Once we are married we'll just have our anniversary of when we became boyfriend/girlfriend and our wedding anniversary.

We first played Racquetball and then went out to Rosso's for dinner. The place was packed and so we had to wait about 20 minutes but it was worth it because we got a great booth. We had a glass of wine while we waited and talked about the wedding. We finally now have all our contracts. I just got back the revised estimated contract from the caterer and I was so excited to see that they got the price down within our budget. There's not much more we need to do for the rest of the year which is nice because we will both be really wrapped up in our jobs because of the holidays.

Dinner was fabulous as always and afterwards we decided to go to a new bar in downtown Santa Rosa for an after drink. Toad in the Hole is right down the street from The Last Day Salon and our friend Doug is an owner. We get there and this really good Irish band is playing, just our luck. We love seeing live music. So we get a drink and sit at a table and enjoy the music for a bit and we see our friends John and KC outside. So funny because Jason said later that he had a feeling that we would run into them. They come in and have a drink with us and then the waitress comes around and tells us that someone had bought a round drinks for everyone in the bar. There must of been about 40 people in there. That was cool, we've never had that happen to us.

It ended up being the perfect night for us. We have a busy next few weeks... and I feel like I'll hardly see Jason. I'm going dress shopping on Monday so us girls will be gone all day. Then Tuesday afternoon Jason is going down to the city for Whiskey Fest (he'll be staying the night down there at our friend Andy's house). Then he's going back to the city again on Friday night for the weekend at Andy's but I'm going down to meet him on Saturday night because we are going to this really cool concert at the Shoreline on Sunday. The concert is all acoustic and some of the headliners are: Neil Young, Metalica, Tom Waits (Jason's favorite) and John Meyer. Can't wait!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Moving right along...

Things on the wedding front are moving along very smoothly... my friend and Heidi's cousin, Monica, scheduled all the appointments at four boutiques in Sacramento for the wedding dress shopping extravaganza. I'm so excited I can't wait!! And I can't believe its only in a few weeks!

Jason and I are going to check out a local band tonight at the Ace in the Hole Brewery. We've both never been to this brewery and it's only 10 minutes from our house in Graton. This band is playing during their happy hour 4:30 - 6:30 and it's perfect timing for Jason because today is the only day he gets off work early. He's going to go straight from work and I'm going to meet him there after I get off work. Plus he can watch the playoffs (GO YANKEE'S!!) Something is blocking our dish and we can't get some of our channels. We've had them out to fix it but it's not fixable.... so.... we might have to get cable/digital whatever just not a dish. Something to look into... I don't like a cranky fiance' when he can't watch his baseball, or the history channel, or the food network. :)

So I hope that we love this band because they would only be $700.00 and then this way we can also hire a DJ and we wouldn't be going over budget.

Now I just need someone... hint hint... someone who reads this... to send out the save the date information. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I know it's been forever since I last posted... it's like going to the gym, if I don't keep up with it then I slack off and get lazy. I figured since I've been going to the gym more I'm going to blog more!

Anyway its so funny how the brain works, I could probably bet I'm the least stressed about this wedding but my subconscious thinks otherwise. I had another anxiety dream last night about the wedding and it was too funny.

Here's the dream:

First I realize that our wedding is TOMORROW and we are so not prepared. I ask Jason if he hired a band/D.J. etc and he said no (it's his job to decide on the music... I'll get to that later). So we are calling around and no one can do it, we can't even rent speakers and mics so we are SOL. The day of the wedding comes and we are at this hotel getting set up and the caterers aren't there. I call and she tells me that she forgot about the wedding and all she could do at this point is supply milk. There is a party next to us and a pizza company is supplying their food and drinks... they say they can help us out but only give us a few bottles of water and soda. I notice at this point all the guests got into the Champagne and drank it all and bottles are strewn everywhere and some of the guests are drunk.

Heidi and Charlie couldn't make it because the wedding was on Halloween and they had another party to go to so I don't have anyone helping me get ready. For some reason I walk down the isle evaluating the situation and realize everyone has seen me (I'm not in my wedding dress yet) so I hurry and walk back up to my room and I'm limping because I'm only wearing one shoe so I look ridiculous. I see Jason and tell him I'm excited about getting married and he ignores me... lol... so I go up to my room to get ready and I don't have anyone to do my hair and make up and I'm already late... so I find this girl (who I went to high school with, random because I don't talk to her) and she does my hair but puts it all up in these huge pins that are not very flattering... but it doesn't matter because my hair fell out of the pins and was crazy frizzy looking. I realize I don't have time to do my make up so I get dressed and look in the mirror and my dress is this orange wrap ugly ass thing. I'm thinking in my head that I know things will go wrong at weddings, and not the way you exactly planned but this was ridiculous. I know everyone was waiting for me to walk down the aisle and I'm trying to have this girl fix my hair when I see that she has a baby so I thought how cute... I pick up the baby and it spits up all over me and my dress... at that point the only other person there was a 5 year old girl so I ask her to go and get me a glass of champagne and I started thinking this is wrong... I shouldn't ask a child to get me a drink! Oh and Jason and I forgot to write our ceremony/vows so we weren’t sure what we were going to say...

I woke up laughing... I think it's so funny how I trip out about this when first of all the wedding is far away (well 8 months) and second of all everything has been running so smoothly there is nothing to stress about!!

Now on to the real stuff:

We picked our caterer and she was the first one we went and did the tasting with. We really like the way they want to work with us to design the menu and are very flexible and open to our suggestions. The other caterers were more firm about what they want and how they want to present their food... also the caterer we chose said that she will stick to our budget no matter what and so we know we won't be paying anything extra and there are no hidden fees.

Like I mentioned above, Jason is in charge of the music... but I have to do all the research for him... lol We found a DJ that we would like to use that is if we don't get a live band and right now we are (I am) doing research on bands. I contacted Anders Osborne's manager (musician from New Orleans) and they quoted me at 8k plus expenses! Who does he think he is!! ;) So that's a little pricey for us... so sad because both Jas and I love love him! So then I looked into booking James Hunter, he just did a show in Petaluma and Jason went and saw him and said he was fantastic in person and everyone was dancing. So I contacted his manager and he's 20k plus expenses. Now Anders doesn't look so bad. :)

Now I'm contacting more local bands that play around here and if I can find someone good and not too expensive we can hire them for a 1 1-2 hour show and have a DJ do the rest (ceremony, first dance, end of the night dance music, etc.) This will be the last of the contracts if we can get the ball rolling!

Oh, and I meet with our florist last Monday. She was recommended to me by her mom who I ran into while doing a tasting a while ago. I love love love this florist! She was so professional and loved all my ideas I had and I looked through her portfolio and she really does an amazing job. We went through every last detail of what I envision and it's going to be so beautiful! Plus the best news is she's right in our budget! The first time I was excited about seeing a contract!

Dress shopping in just a few weeks!! I can't wait it's going to be the best time... I've been looking through magazines and I still haven't a clue of what style I want. I need to narrow it down before I go so I'm not overwhelmed. I'll be working on that in the next few weeks.

One more thing is that I'm finally getting this minor cosmetic surgery done that I've wanted to do for about 6 years now. The technology is advanced enough now that this procedure which I'll have to go back 4 more times for is quick and painless. I went in for my first visit yesterday and it went so well... I was nervous but now I'm excited because it's so much easier than I thought.