Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My first anxiety dream about the wedding!!

I totally had an anxiety dream about the wedding last night. I dreamt that our wedding was 4 weeks from now, right after my brother's wedding. I didn't realize until someone at work told me and I started breaking down because I hadn't found my dress, ordered the invitations, got the flowers, etc. I was running through a dress shop but I couldn't find any wedding dresses... lol I actually woke up and was laughing about it because it was the first time I really dreamt anything wedding wise.

I'm sure it's probably because Jason's parents are in town for the weekend scouting out accommodations for their family and friends and we are planning on meeting up with my parents to catch up and talk about the wedding.

Every little step further we take the more I know that the wedding is getting closer and it's going by faster than I thought. (Stop all of you who say to enjoy every moment!!) I am enjoying ever moment and with this blog I can look back and remember all the processes we took into getting there.

And it might be too that Ryan and Kela's wedding is coming up in a few weeks and Kela and I write back and forth about what's left on their to-do list. I can feel the pressure and angst that they must have.

Well, we have one more appointment with a caterer on Monday and then we'll look over all the contracts and discuss who we'll be going with. That will be a weight lifter for sure... not that I'm worried about it but it'll be something huge to cross off my list.

The next step is going to be the most fun: Wedding Dress Shopping

I plan on going up to Sacramento with Heidi, my mom and (hopefully if she can make it) Marsha, my future Mother-in-law. I know it's a long haul for her to come up for a shopping trip so I told her it's up to her if she wants to do it. I'm going to try to set a date to do that in Mid October.

I've also been in contact with a florist and once her "wedding" season is done I'm going to meet with her for a consultation.

So we are pretty much on schedule... nothing like my dream was all about. :)