Friday, December 28, 2007

All Right, All Right

Yeah I haven't posted in a while because I'm lazy... :) But from the overwhelming requests to read more new posts I've come back to catch you all up... all three of you who will still read this.

5 months to go!! I'm starting to feel the pressure even though I've already gotten most of the big stuff done. It's the figuring out Jason's outfit, his best men's outfits, Jason's ring and the music selection. So basically all the stuff Jason needs to decide on. I'm going to make that be my goal for next month.

I'm also getting the invitations designed next month along with my wedding ring, which I've already designed with the jeweler. Once my wedding ring is done by the end of January we will pick out Jason's ring too.

We will also go and sample cakes and write the ceremony next month. I told Jason and Heidi last night, "Just be prepared for many many "wedding" meetings in the upcoming months." They just rolled their eyes at me.

So lots of little stuff to do but I think I have everything pretty organized. Jason's parents were in town over the holiday and we were able to decide on some more things for the rehearsal BBQ and we also decided to go with seating arrangements at the wedding which we weren't originally going to have but since there will be so many people we thought it would be best to have it a little more organized so people don't have to decided where to sit on their own and feel awkward.

I want to be done with all of this by the end of February which I think is possible... we'll see! I'll try and make more posts as I get things done, mostly for myself so I can come back after all of this and laugh at my silly antics. :)