Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So last Sunday was my bridal shower and it couldn't have been more fun!
I had a great group of 15 women there, including my soon to be Mother-in-law who traveled all the way from Southern California.

Heidi and my mom planned everything and it turned out so wonderful. Here are some pictures:

So that just flew by! I can't believe it's already almost another Sunday again... Jason makes the countdown by Sundays so he would say 4 more Sundays! I just say now a few more weeks!

Last night while I was cooking dinner Jason made me laugh so hard. It probably won't be as funny here but he said, "Can you believe the wedding is coming so soon? Do you have a dress?" But it was also the way he said it. Anyway I'm still laughing today.

Last night I also finished the ceremony in its entirety! I've been working on that for a few weeks now it's done! We just have to finish our vows. :)

This morning I made the final payments to the caterer, photographer and florist!

All that's really left is the D.J. and the Cake, which I'm sure we'll take care of next week. It's so nice to know that that's out of the way, plus Jason will have to quit staring at the savings account every night asking me what the final payments are. (Seriously every night... it got to the point where it was ridiculous, I would just laugh at him)

I have my dress fitting this Monday at 10am and then we are meeting with the D.J. at 11am and then off to get our marriage license.

I just have two more projects to finish, the favors (which I'm almost done) and the vases, argh, I have 45 small clear vases for floating candles and rose petals but they all came with the little stickers attached to the bottom and are such a PAIN-IN-THE-ASS to remove. (Why the hell do these companies do this?!?) I bought Goof-off so hopefully that will help.

I know my blogs aren't so clever these days but I have lots to do!!

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Annie said...

I'm with you on those stupid stickers; WHYYYY do they do that when they know we have to take them off? And I know there are some types that just peel right off without a mess. Argh!

And you, my dear, are just the most Uber Organized Bride EVAR! :)

Cannot wait. Too fun. Oh and I blogged about your shower, too.