Thursday, May 15, 2008

"See you at the Wedding!"

I just had my first, "Okay well I guess next time I'll see you it will be at the wedding!" that was from my boss... I can't believe how close it is!
He's going out of town and by the time he gets back, I'll be on vacation so we will not see each other till then.

Last Monday I got my dress, it fit perfectly! And then Jason and I got our marriage license, it was really exciting! I just have to do two more things besides shopping for the honeymoon. Finish the favors (which might get done tonight!) and take the damn stickers off the vases. Otherwise we are done... we have everyone paid in full.

So now on my days off I just get to play by the pool! Next Tuesday my mom and I are doing a wine tasting/luncheon trip to Sonoma, just the two of us so I'm really looking forward to that.
Anyone want to rent us a limo? Just let us know... ;)


Annie said...

I can't wait either! And I'd love to have a limo too. Why are we not wealthy? Why?

(You spend all your money, Annie, that's why)

Riiiight. yeah, I guess that explains it. ;-P

Still. I never looked it up; maybe their rates have come down.

/goes off to Google

Kela said...

It was so beautiful!!!

I have lots of pics available already at:

Hope you two have a fantasic honeymoon!!!