Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One month to go!

Wow I can't believe how fast time has gone by... we are really down to just a few more weeks and all of it is going to be so much fun! It's funny because just in the last few weeks as I have been finishing up on all the details I haven't had a single anxiety dream. I'm so relaxed and ready to have fun. I'm glad that I was on top of getting everything done in time for us both to relax and enjoy this last month.

I'm pretty much finished with all the planning... we tied up a lot of loose ends last week before Jason went to his BACHLOR party! He and 8 other guys rented a house up in Tahoe and had the best time, he now feels he's part of the club and is very ready to get married.

I have my bridal shower this coming Sunday and I can't wait! Heidi and my mom have been working very hard on making it a very special day for me and all the guests and it's all been a surprise so far... which I love. Because of all the planning I've been doing it's really refreshing to have someone else plan something for me.

Also Marsha and Ed are coming into town so Marsha can come to the shower too... I can't wait to see them both! And so Jason and Marc will get to spend some time alone with their dad too, which is nice cause usually us girls are always around!

Then we have Mother's day weekend, my bachlorette weekend, the start of our vacation weekend and then the wedding weekend!

When I was breaking it down for Jason at lunch the other day he was like "wait, what?" not realizing how close it really is. lol

So all we really need to do is finalize some vendor payments, get our marriage license and work on our vows. There's probably more stuff... but little so I'm not worried about it. I've been using The Knot's website (lots of great stuff for brides) to keep track of my check list and I'm now down to 38 things to do... that was from 189 things to do so I think I'm doing good. :)


Annie said...

I know; it's all coming up so fast now!

I'm more relaxed about it all too, now that it's actually almost here. Although I had a nightmare about it the other night, as you know. Missed seeing you getting married! I was crying!

So don't do it WITHOUT ME! ahahaha

I stole your anxiety dreams, apparently. :)

Kela said...

Wow! Yay Laura! Its almost time!
Can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!!!